Young Colt helps friend having asthma attack

Courtesy RG – A nine-year-old boy has been commended for his quick-thinking after he rushed to the aid of a youngster who was suffering an asthma attack.

Donovan Dyer-Trott was one of nearly 150 students taking part in the interschool cross country race at the National Sports Centre and Arboretum when he noticed the other boy was having trouble breathing.

Donovan stopped running and went over to the boy, who was struggling to use his asthma pump, and told him to calm down and take a breath.

He then walked the youngster back to the street where there were adults who could help.

After making sure that the boy was OK, Donovan joined the race again and completed the course.

“I don’t have asthma but I knew I had to get him help,” said Donovan.

“It felt good that I was able to help my friend. I think that if some of your friends have asthma, you can help by keeping an eye on them because they might have an asthma attack and need help.”

Donovan learned about asthma from school asthma nurse, Deann Trott, who had visited his school, St George’s Preparatory, to talk to the pupils about the condition.

The initiative is part of the Island-wide programme where every school has an assembly about asthma each year, which is run in partnership between charity Open Airways and the Department of Health.

Ms Trott has praised the young student for his quick-thinking during the race, which took place on February 5.

Liz Boden, founder of Open Airways, said: “Congratulations Donovan. This is a wonderful story, which makes me feel that our asthma education programme in the schools is really making a difference.

“Asthma is treatable and we want children to take part in all activities. However, sometimes cross country running can be challenging for children with asthma, especially when the weather is cold.

“Donavan will be awarded a certificate of thanks from Open Airways.”

Meanwhile, Donovan’s mother, Joanna Damani, said she and her family were extremely proud of his actions.

“We are all extremely proud,” she added. “Donovan is the kind of child that would always help another child if he saw them in trouble.

“He’s very intuitive and aware of things going on around him.

“We celebrated his actions over the weekend and he received plenty of treats and hugs.”

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